Image of The Concubine


Image of The Concubine

THE CONCUBINE by Jade Lee: Lee's historical visits 1851 China. The new emperor must select his 28 wives, and women from all over hope to be chosen. Their success can mean riches for their families. Sun Bo Tao, the emperor's childhood friend, is in charge of the Festival of Fertility, to determine the winners. When the former palace bad boy meets Chen Ji Yue, who's neither rich nor well-born nor the most beautiful of the women, she captures his heart, presenting them with a terrible problem. Anyone touching the women intimately will be killed. Ji Yue must win to ensure her family's survival. Highly erotic if not historical, this is hot, hot, hot, especially since for most of the story sexual tension rules. The details are exotic, and the setting luxurious. An intriguing entry.

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Page Traynor