Image of Conduct Unbecoming


Image of Conduct Unbecoming

The details of Navy life and the Japanese island of Okinawa give Witt’s novel authenticity, but the heat between the two heroes is what keeps the pages turning. The only downside is that the resolution of the main conflict falls a little flat. This sexy novel of love between two military men will make readers consider enlisting.

First-class petty officer Eric is devastated to be stuck on Okinawa, thousands of miles from his daughter. After deciding to make the best of it, he discreetly goes to a gay club. As soon as he walks in, he meets Shane and the two hit it off — both in and out of bed. But Shane is an officer and Eric is an enlisted man. Any sort of relationship could cost both of them their careers. Despite the danger, they sneak away to places where they won’t be seen, until a close call forces them to stop. It takes a big career move for Eric and accepting the importance of their love to risk committing to each other. (SAMHAIN, Dec., 304 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison