Readers will adore Cunnah's irrepressible Rosie. The London business owner is successful, hard-working and smart. But when her heart enters the equation, Rosie, like a lot of us, gets a tad turned around.

Rosie loves Jonathan. Or at least she thinks she does. But she hates his horrible boss, who constantly puts the moves on her. When the three attend a posh dinner dance, Rosie attempts to avoid another round of sexual harassment by using the first man she sees as a shield. He turns out to be someone she just can't forget, and when their paths cross again, her feelings grow stronger.

The obstacles between Rosie and her mystery man seem insurmountable, but Cunnah wraps things up with a sweet finale full of surprising and clever turns. Cunnah's greatest strength is her ability to imbue even secondary characters with warmth and humor. Everyone, from Rosie's manipulative cousin to her heiress best friend, rings true. And the fresh, breezy writing makes it a pleasure to see the world through Rosie's eyes. (Aug., 320 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison