Small-town sheriff Jack has his hands full dealing with an imminent flood and gossips who won't let his misspent youth die. He doesn't need any more complications, but that's what he gets when Los Angeles gal Stephanie sinks her SUV into the creek. After rescuing her, Jack takes the bedraggled damsel back to the police station, where she promptly gets arrested for indecent exposure. Stephanie may dress and strut like a bad girl, but Jack's not fooled. Her sweet eyes tell him she's a good girl in disguise—and trouble for this reformed bad boy.

When Stephanie stormed into town, it was only to steer her off-the-wall business partner back to L.A. She never intended to find her true wild side in such a hick town, or to fall for the sexy sheriff. Now that she has, she must choose between fame in the big city and love in this quirky small town.

Jack and Stephanie's sizzling chemistry keep the steam rising in this latest "Wicked" Woman romp. As an added treat, Carr infuses this fun romance with a megadose of sidesplitting humor and irrepressible, eccentric secondary characters. (Jun., 272 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell