Image of Confidence Tricks


Image of Confidence Tricks

Morgan is at her snappy, outrageous best in this quick-witted, clever tale of con artists and lonely hearts. Her characters are beautifully quirky and utterly endearing, and their hijinks rivet the reader. Morgan’s talent for blending the outrageous with the genuinely heartfelt makes for a delightfully balanced story with larger-than-life characters and a romance full of passion and honesty. Amid all the surprise and subterfuge, the sizzling and solid connection between her two mismatched criminals makes for a nearly pitch-perfect success.

Poppy Donovan swore that her recent prison stay would be her last, but when she finds out her beloved grandmother was swindled by a shady financial advisor, she knows she will do whatever it takes to get that money back. Part of her plan is to pawn a necklace, but when the necklace is stolen, Poppy finds herself involved in a major heist with a partner who makes her want to break all her rules. Asprey Charles never intended to become a white-collar thief, but if it means clearing his conscience, he has no problem turning to a life of crime. After a few minutes in her presence, Asprey knows he will never be content until he steals Poppy’s heart. (SAMHAIN, Feb., 304 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown