Image of Conquer the Dark


Image of Conquer the Dark

Banks has a long history of creating fantastic series rich with complex characters, witty repartee, end-of-the-world danger and the heat romance fans enjoy. In Surrender the Dark, the first in the series, readers met Celeste, a human with a touch of angel that makes her a coveted Remnant, and Azrael, an angel dedicated to finding his Remnant and saving the world. Now the two are teamed up again and this time they have help. Banks continues the series in a superb fashion, upping the stakes and the romance to a satisfying conclusion.

Celeste knows the battle isn’t over, but she’s not ready for another fight. However, she may not have a choice as information that’s been hidden for centuries may soon fall into the wrong hands. Azrael’s brother, Bath Kol, has received an ominous vision: a book is missing which holds the power to destroy the world. Together they might stand a chance but all hope may rest on Celeste. As both Azrael and Celeste struggle with their origination — she’s human with human needs and he’s an angel — it may test their faith in each other and in themselves. (POCKET STAR, Oct., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton