Image of To Conquer a Highlander (Hot Highlanders)


Image of To Conquer a Highlander (Hot Highlanders)

Wine sets her captive/captor novel during a turbulent era when honorable men and strong women fought for clan and kin. This backdrop, combined with a traditional verbal repartee and sparring of the sexes subgenre will delight readers who thrive on this powerful romance theme. Wine knows her strengths and plays into them as she lures readers into a fast-paced tale.

With the king dead, Laird Torin McLeren discovers his neighbor, the McBoyd, is plotting against the Crown to draw the British into Scotland. Torin hopes to prevent war by kidnapping McBoyd’s daughter, Shannon, who is to marry McBoyd’s ally. She is more than he expects. Used to her father’s beatings Shannon faces down her captor and earns his respect. She is stunned by this man who sees her worth and respects her. Love between enemies is a dangerous thing, but their forbidden passion brings them happiness even as it leads them into dangerous political territory. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jul., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin