Determined to keep the Norman knight Strongheart out of her country, Dara O'Dwyne, Princess of Leinster, tries to convince her father they do not need him to train their warriors. But Dara's father has already promised her to Strongheart in exchange for training and arming his men.

Roland de Clare, known to all as Strongheart, is a man without a home who has been searching for a place to settle. Known throughout Britain as a warrior of unparralled skill, he is confident in his ability to secure Castle Ferns for the king of Leinster and a beautiful princess for himself.

All her life Dara has tried to suppress her passionate nature. She fears she will be like her deceitful and traitorous mother. Inexorably drawn to each other, Strongheart awakens Dara's passionate nature, igniting a flame that nothing and no one can douse.

Raiding troops storm the castle walls and Strongheart must convince the King to hire Norman mercenaries if they are to secure Leinster. Dara must learn to trust and believe in their love if her home and her heart is to be saved.

CONQUER THE MISTS is a tale of love's ability to overcome the seemingly insurmountable walls of cultural differences, distrust and war. As Strongheart conquers Dara's heart and she feels the emptiness in his soul, they discover a love that knows no boundaries. SENSUAL (Oct., 362 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor