With Scotlands King Alexander and the Maiden of Norway both dead, Scotland is left ripe for Englands King Edward I to subdue, but Highlander Arryn Graham will do whatever he must to avenge his familys deaths and reclaim Scotland by stealing his sworn enemys bride and castle.

Lady Kyra does not love her husband to be, Lord Darrow, but she must save his people from harm. Thus she becomes Arryns unwilling hostage, fighting him at every turn and holding on to her spirit.

Arryn is determined to have his vengeance, but it is difficult to use Kyra as a pawn when he respects her courage. She comes to understand what drives Arryn to fight for Scotland with men like Robert the Bruce and William Wallace.

Building on the exciting events that are part of Scotlands history and utilizing her hallmark verbal battle of wills, sizzling sensuality, and emotional intensity, Shannon Drake brings history roaring to life. Her passion and adoration for Scotland, its brave people and its proud history will stir readers minds and make their hearts beat faster. Fans will want to see Arryn and Kyras homeland by the time they finish CONQUER THE NIGHT. SENSUAL (Jul., 496 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin