After her father is dethroned by a usurper, Eve MacMurrough, Princess of Leinster, is forced into marriage with Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke. Eve's father believes Richard and his army will help him to reclaim his birthright.

As a pawn in her father's scheme, Eve pledges to wed, but never love, the cursed Norman knight. Richard sees this marriage as a means to avenge losing his Welsh lands to King Henry II's greed. Not only will he aid MacMurrough in his quest, but, by doing so, he will regain his self respect. The surprises come when he realizes that the wife he wed as part of the bargain is the woman of his heart.

Though he is an outcast in his own country, Eve quickly comes to respect her husband; a man more honest and true than her father. Caught in the turmoil of a country at war and surrounded by treachery, Eve and Richard strive to find justice, peace and love.

In the tradition of novels by Roberta Gellis, Anita Mills and Denise Domning, THE CONQUERED HEART, Ms. Cody's dbut, is a vibrant portrait of 12th-century Ireland. All the lush beauty and dark power of the Emerald Isle and the storm of passion and pageantry combine to create a mesmerizing medieval romance. SENSUAL (July, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin