Image of Conquering King's Heart (Silhouette Desire)


Image of Conquering King's Heart (Silhouette Desire)
CONQUERING KING'S HEART (4.5) by Maureen Child: Nobody creates flawed, colorful and genuine characters, plops them into delightfully plausible situations and then watches the fireworks go off like Child. This latest is no exception. Three years ago, sparks flew between Bella Cruz and Jesse King one magical night on a beach, then flared into a sizzling night of sex. But Bella flees, leaving Jesse with just a memory. Now Jesse is settling down in Morgan Beach, trying to rehab the town's Main Street. Bella likes things the way they are, and the two butt heads. Jesse doesn't relate this dowdy-looking woman with the sex goddess from years ago, until he spies Bella in her bathing suit. The chase is on. Jesse knows he's found his forever, but can Bella learn to trust him?
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper