The CONQUEROR is a tempestuous and very sensual tale of a relentless Norman knight and a Saxon beauty.

Bloodlust tightens his loins the instant Rolfe the Relentless sees Ceidra in the forest. He would ravage her where she lies except that he believes she is his betrothed, the Lady Alice of Aelfgar. Rolfe has been sent by William to tame the wild frontier and make certain Ceidra's brothers do not revolt against him. To protect herself and her people, Ceidra keeps up the charade until Rolf meets the real Alice.

Jealous of Ceidra, Alice torments her when she is suspected of treachery. Ceidra will do whatever she can to keep her brothers safe-even become Rolfe's mistress and spy on the Normans.

Though a hard and violent man, Rolfe unleashes Ceidra's carefully hidden passion and she finds herself falling in love with him. In her youth and innocence Ceidra teaches Rolfe how to laugh and to love. Eventually she holds the key to his heart, but Alice, her brothers, the political situation and pride work to pull the lovers apart.

The power of THE CONQUEROR is awesome. Potent in its sensuality, powerful in its emotional intensity, this is exactly what Brenda Joyce fans expect. This isn't a book for gentle readers who are offended by violence or rough love scenes. Rolfe is well-named-truly the conqueror. Leave it to a writer as talented as Brenda Joyce to handle the intricate plot, boiling sensuality, complex historical period in all its harsh realities, and strong characters with panache. SEXY (Sept., 422 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin