Cheated out of his rightful reward by greedy Lord Setton, returning Crusader Sir Bernard abducts Settons daughter, Claire, when he makes his escape.

Claire believes Bernard when he claims her father promised him land, but she cannot fathom that her father also promised him her hand in marriage. Still, when he is unjustly imprisoned, Claire helps to set him free only to become his captive.

As Bernard escorts Claire to his familys estate, telling her of his life, his familys deaths, his time in the holy land and her fathers vow, she comes to understand and love her abductor. Hunted by Setton and his men, Bernard gets help from an unusual source: his old friends of the Knights of the Black Rose, who help him claim Claire as his bride.

This is both a solid picture of the era based in reality and filled with interesting facts about what knights faced upon their return from war, and a story that reminds us of what 20th century soldiers also found upon their return home. Shari Antons tale completes the trilogy of The Knights of the Black Rose, but one could hope for more. SENSUAL (Apr., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin