To save her kingdom, Princess Roxanne of Persia reluctantly marries 'Macedonian Barbarian' Alexander the Great. It is a political alliance where both have met their match. Their marriage bed is as much a combat zone as any battlefield.

Trained with her father's soldiers, Roxanne follows Alexander as he moves across land and the Indus River into India, spreading his power throughout the known world.

Though she had always thought she would marry her beloved cousin, Roxanne learns to love Alexander, despite his unfaithfulness, his obsession with power and imprisonment. Theirs is a love that changed lives and the course of history.

Though romance readers will not find this story highly romantic, as it's filled with battles and war scenes, historical fiction fans will have a feast. Few books have been written with the Great Alexander cast as a romantic, and even fewer with a heroine as empowered as Roxanne. SENSUAL (Dec., 450 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin