Kennedy debuts with a strong, sensual medieval romance about sworn enemies who fall in love against a tapestry of love, greed, revenge and betrayal. The characters are well written, the history accurate and the action engaging and intense.

Heiress Lady Guinevere de l'Ami is on the run from a greedy suitor. Lord Griffyn "Pagan" Sauvage is in London preparing the way for a French invasion. Twice he saves her from brigands, and she's so brave and beautiful that she almost makes him forget his mission and thirst for revenge. In turn, he is chivalrous and kind and makes her yearn for true love.

War interrupts their budding affair, until the lovers find themselves on opposite sides. She is his enemy's daughter and all that stands in the way of winning back his ancestral home. And though he wins the war, he still has to win her heart. (ZEBRA, May, 352 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer