Alexandria Gascoyne is used to her brothers bringing home hurt creatures for her to tend to, but this time they bring her a man! Unconscious and with a broken leg, the mystery mans belongings give no clue as to who he is, except to reveal that hes a wealthy, well-armed gentleman. Alexandria keeps vigil over her uninvited guest, whose name, he finally informs her, is Derek.

Derek De Macy, Earl of Drummond, Drum for short. He also remembers that someone tried to kill him. Drum finds Alexandra to be lovely and well-educated but hes stunned by his sensual attraction to her.

When he is well enough to return to London, Alexandria realizes how much she misses the conversations and the laughter she shared with him. But as the son of a duke, Drum is far above her on the social ladder. Nevertheless Drum arranges for Alexandria to come to London, but he has no knowledge of the danger both will face from his enemy.

Ms. Layton brings together characters from her previous books and gives a fine view of the strict proprieties and class distinctions during the Regency period. THE CONQUEST is a moving love story filled with compassion and just the right touch of humor. SENSUAL (Aug., 373 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond