Image of The Conquest of Lady Cassandra


Image of The Conquest of Lady Cassandra

There’s nothing foolish or ill thought out in a Hunter romance. Mature, intelligent and memorable, the second of the Fairbourne Quartet is as smart and sharp as the best of Regency romances can be. With its tangy dialogue, Pride and Prejudice themes, bits of mystery and nefarious characters, readers may be reminded of Jane Austen.

Due to circumstances beyond her control, Lady Cassandra Vernham is forced to sell her aunt’s jewels at auction or risk seeing her beloved relative caught in her ruthless brother’s hands. She’d have the full funds if only Lord Ambury would pay for his purchases. Ambury suspects his friend died because of Cassandra, and he’s out to prove that the earrings she sold are stolen. Cassandra soon finds herself helping Ambury uncover the secret of the earrings, or else she’ll never get the money. Their verbal battles lead to passionate kisses, which lead to marriage — and the discovery of surprising secrets about the past. (JOVE, Mar., 350 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin