Image of Consequences


Image of Consequences

The novel is aptly titled, as the main characters reap what they sow. Though it is predictable that each woman receives her just due after lying and scheming to her man, it is not always clear what consequence awaits them. Campbell will keep readers guessing what’s coming next for her characters and she doesn’t shy away from the drama. Readers will relish the direction of the story and be entertained by the outrageous antics of women who do whatever it takes to ensure their happiness.

Trinette Meyers-Montgomery follows the money trail when it comes to “relationships.” She has been married to her husband Leon for a decade and still can’t stay faithful to him. When she gets pregnant, she’s not sure if the baby belongs to Leon or her boss. She plots and plans to ensure that she and her child will never want for anything. Trinette’s best friend Nichole Truth is facing her own drama as the wife of Donovan, a National Guardsman who is suffering from PTSD. Despite the mood swings and paranoia, she wants to make her marriage work; however, when a secret from her past suddenly resurfaces, it threatens her future. (DAFINA, Apr., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner