In this inventive sequel to her debut novel, The Affair, Freedman depicts the complex aftermath of an affair, juxtaposing the inner thoughts of all parties: the mistress, the husband and the wife. While the ending is slightly clichéd, it comes with a feeling of poetic justice for the two strong, determined women involved.

After standing in a spot she never expected — the home of her husband’s mistress — Kathy Walker has to decide if she has enough forgiveness inside her to continue a life with her husband, Robert. At the same time, Stephanie Burroughs, the mistress, is struggling with the painful knowledge that Kathy loves Robert enough to fight for him. As the Christmas snow falls, these two women take a hard look at their lives and attempt to figure out if Robert is a man they want around, or if he is someone they can learn to live without. (KENSINGTON, Feb., 320 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn O’Donnell