Once highly regarded in the U.S. State Department for her level head, Verity Marlowe must pull herself together and out of the haze of alcohol thats surrounded her since her husbands death. She is being called into service to talk to a foreign terrorist group, due to her experience growing up overseas.

As Verity and her co-workers discover the severity of the threat, shes thrust into danger. Shes shocked to discover that Michael Strait is working on the case. A friend of her late husband, Michael has had mostly an antagonistic relationship with Verity. She soon realizes that everything she thought she knew about Michael was a lie and now she has to trust he can help her find the answers necessary to end a worldwide terrorist threat.

In a story that spans continents and differing customs and conditions, Ms. Cresswell once again demonstrates her flair for international intrigue. Her storytelling takes you into a world you can only read about and brings it to life.(Sep., 408 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson