Everything changes when you hit high school. Just ask freshman Lucy Doyle, who feels left behind as her former junior high friends discover boys and cheerleading. Lucy doesn't think she'll ever be kissed, until she catches the eye of a delicious junior and once again finds things in common with her old friends. As if the road of love weren't rocky enough, her beloved older brother Jack arrives home from college, girlfriend in tow. They're not just home for a visit—they may be home for good. And the news Jack brings with him will change Lucy's view of him forever.

Written with simple honesty and dead-on characterization, Zeises' book takes us through Lucy's tumultuous world, warts and all. Her characters are unpretentious and delightfully imperfect, especially her brother. We want to love Jack, just like Lucy, but find ourselves torn over the decisions he makes. We wonder if Jack can ever make it up to those around him—especially his new girlfriend. And how will Lucy feel when it's all said and done? (Apr., 256 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris