Image of Control


Image of Control

There’s a role reversal at work here that takes some getting used to, not because Madison gives the orders but because she also takes them from a third party. Personalities take time to develop, and that slows down the time it takes to make this story flow smoothly. The steam factor is high, so if you’re looking for a hot read, this is your ticket.

Madison needs an assistant for her erotic bookstore, Wicked Words. The first applicant, Andy, gets extremely sexual during the interview. This is Madison’s first dilemma: She likes it! Her second quandary is that Gabriel walks in on the “interview” and gets an eyeful. Madison hires Gabriel and their relationship, with Madison on top, develops slowly and awkwardly, because Gabe is inexperienced. Andy keeps showing up, but there’s no emotional attachment like there is with Gabe, just a lot of playtime. Eventually Madison makes her choice; she just hopes that he chooses her as well. (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 240 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins