BDSM doesn’t get any more explicit than what takes place at the high-end club where this novella is set. For someone new to the scene, Mouse certainly embraces this lifestyle quickly. The scenes where she and Tor are at odds are good, however, the more emotional moments all take place when the characters are engaged in bondage, which both seems unrealistic and is ultimately unsatisfying for the reader.

When her boss dies Mozelle “Mouse” Vincent inherits a very large estate, plenty of money and an unexpected bequeath — controlling interest in an exclusive BDSM club. The catch is that Mouse must work with the club’s co-owner for six months and only then can she claim her inheritance. This wouldn’t be a problem, except her new partner, Torin Stuart, has always stirred Mouse’s blood — too bad the Dom doesn’t share her feelings. Or does he…? (Ellora’s Cave, January 2011, dl. $4.45)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne