Image of A Convenient Bride (A School For Brides Romance)


Image of A Convenient Bride (A School For Brides Romance)

The School for Brides has a temporary “student” in Smith’s willful heroine who, though bold, is not as strong or captivating as the previous brides. There are many bright spots. But readers may find that predictable plot points — stubbornness, pride, fear of relationships and even the gothic overtones — turn this tale into ordinary fare.

Richard Ellerby is hunting down his runaway sister when he stops Brenna Harrington’s coach. The young miss is fleeing her parents and believes him to be a highwayman — perfect for her scheme to be ruined and avoid marriage. Richard turns her down, but not before he notices her charm. When Brenna is sent to the School for Brides, she promptly runs away to find Richard. Together, they continue to search for his sister. To protect Brenna’s reputation as they travel, they wed over the anvil and plan to obtain an annulment. There is a chance their hasty marriage could work, but a number of things threaten their road to happiness. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jan., 322 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin