Vicar Humbly is both insightful and wise. When he senses that all is not well with yet another couple for whom he performed the wedding service, he takes it upon himself to restore the luster of their wedding bliss. The Earl an Countess of Falcouner began their marriage under false pretenses. Beatrice has no intention of forgiving the handsome Earl for making her believe that he cared for her before she discovered that he had actually married her for her considerable fortune. The destitute Earl fears he will never be able to break through the walls surrounding his wife's heart. Even though he did marry her for money, he has a great regard for her. Why must she be so stubborn to refuse his sincere attentions now, when they are already married? This charming tale of A CONVENIENT MARRIAGE (3) by Debbie Raleigh gives readers another chance to admire the handiwork of a certain beneficent vicar as he struggles to untangle the heart strings of two likable yet stubborn lovers. This is a cozy piece of work that will make one eager for the third installment to see if Vicar Humbly can hold true to form. (Dec., 224 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck