Isolated from other families, lonely and love-starved, Eleanor Mitchum lives a desperately narrow life. Her mother died from a growth in her belly and Ellie believes shes dying the same way. She visits Dr. Winston Gray of Whitehorn and his first task with young Ellie is to teach her about pregnancy.

The father of the baby took advantage of Ellies loneliness and ignorance, then fled at the first sign of her dilemma. Her father beat her then threw her out upon hearing the news, so Win takes her in as his housekeeper.

The main characters of the Montana Mavericks series play secondary parts in this story of a young woman learning what family really means.

From the startling opening (pregnant/ unwed heroine) straight through the heart-lifting ending, Carolyn Davidson makes Whitehorn, the town of this family album series, feel like home and creates an engaging, complex plot with a beta hero to die for. He even won over this alpha hero fan. Sensual (Nov., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger