After the most recent fiasco involving her doomed attempts to start a business, Angie Amalfi has decided not to let her family and loved ones know anything about her new culinary business venture until it proves successful.

On the surface, the Fantasy Dinners idea sounds like a winner. Angie will provide her clients with first-class themed parties or dinners. Unfortunately, Angies first (and so far only) client, Trianna Crisswell, has something unusual in mind. In order to promote both the launching of guru Algernons new book and the Prometheus Group itself, Triana would like a UFO-themed dinner party.

Having no idea what to serve at such an event, Angie contacts an old boyfriend for advice. Derrick Holton is a former NASA astrophysicist turned UFO cultist. Derrick is now heading up the group called NAUTS, which is in direct competition with the Prometheus Group.Angie agrees to attend one of NAUTS lectures given by alien abduction speaker Dr. Mosshad.

Angies significant other, homicide inspector Pavvo Smith, has his own unusual cases to work on. Someone is leaving horribly mutilated bodies around the city. How did the individuals die and what happened to their missing organs?

The sudden death of a NAUTS member leads Angie and Pavvo to suspect that once again Angie has managed to involve herself in a deadly situation. But is the danger coming from an otherworldly source?

Angie and Pavvo are back once again and in terrific form. A COOK IN TIME again utilizes all the humor, suspense and romance that Ms. Pence has made her trademark. (Dec., 336 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith