Angelina Amalfi is at it once again! Still determined to make a name for herself in the gourmet cooking industry, Angie is on a quest to make a culinary "find," by discovering a restaurant gem. Her search accidentally brings her to "The Wings of an Angel" cafe. While the service is terrible and there is only one item served, Angie is entranced by the unique, tasty flavor of the spaghetti & meatballs. Unbeknownst to Angie, the cafe is merely a front for three elderly ex-cons while they try to tunnel next door to the jewelry store. Despite their apparent lack of interest, Angie is determined to help Vinnie, Butch and Earl succeed as restaurateurs.

Angie's lover, Homicide Inspector Paavo Smith, is confronted by two very strange murder cases. The first is a store clerk shot for a fake Faberg Egg, and the second is the brutal stabbing death of City Hall employee Tiffany Rogers. Unfortunately, Tiffany's death is only the precursor for a series of deadly attacks by a deranged killer. Seeking revenge, the killer sends roses to his victims before he finally strikes. When a neighbor is attacked after accepting roses for Angie, Paavo fears she is the next intended target. Angie, being Angie, soon finds herself investigating the killer's ties to City Hall. With the killer closing in, Angie's time may be running very short.

COOKING MOST DEADLY once again brings back the delightful duo of Angie and Paavo. Action packed plots touched with an engaging sense of humor are hallmarks of the magnetic Ms. Pence's work. (Sept., 256 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith