This humorous look at a rather dark issue (what people will sell the best parts of themselves for) is a delightful evenings read. A bit like the children's fairy tale Rumpilstiltskin, Heather and Philippe have to believe before they'll be allowed their happiness.

In the spring of 1895, everyone in the close community of Fort Summers knows Heather Mahaffey can't cook. Yet only after she gets a job cooking for Philippe St. Pierre does the panic set in. But an odd fellow at the kitchen door makes her a tasty bargain.

Philippe St. Pierre finds that Heather is an accomplished chef. But what he doesnt know is that his newest employee has a supernatural helper.

D.A. Bolough whips up more than succulent meals, but it takes weeks for the humans to figure it all out. By that time, Heather finds she is learning how to cook, and Philippe feels that despite his past, he might just make a distinguished gentleman, if only he can figure out why his good fortune is suddenly turning sour.

But all it takes is a nudge or two from a benevolent higher power to set things right again.

(Oct., 391pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black