After disastrous job hunts, gourmet cook Angelina Amalfi decides to make her fortune through "angelinas," a chocolate so unique, people will fight to purchase them. While experimenting, Angie overflows with chocolate rejects. She donates them to the new Random Acts of Kindness Mission in downtown San Francisco. After meeting the flustered Reverend Hodges, Angie volunteers to help organize the upcoming charity auction.

As Angie builds her career, the love of her life, Homicide Inspector Paavo Smith, is watching his life disintegrate. First, evidence in one of his cases disappears letting a murderer go free, and then a numbers runner is found dead with Paavo's phone number stuffed in his mouth. Paavo knows who's sabotaging him once he gets a look at the mysterious benefactor of the Random Acts Mission. Alex Clausen, AKA Alex Klaw, helped destroy Paavo's sister years earlier. Paavo wants Angie far away from the Mission, but she refuses to go. As the auction grows near, the body count rises.

Angie and Paavo make a welcome return in Ms. Pence's newest addition to her clever and exciting romantic suspense series. Tasty and tempting reading. (Jan., 304 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith