Having just lost her late night radio show, D.J. Madison Smith receives a note from her estranged sister Enid's landlady, who is worried about Enid's disappearance. Maddie head off to Chester, Nebraska, to investigate.

Never having been close to her sister, Maddie is still surprised to learn that Enid had been working as a hooker. Her investigation leads her to the reclusive former rock manager, Eddie Berlin. She is convinced that Eddie knows something since Enid made several "business" visits to his run-down farm before disappearing. However, her attempts to garner information wind up lost in a passionate embrace. What is it about this man that makes Maddie lose all control?

Ever since the murder of his client and friend Rick Beck, Eddie's life has been spinning out of control. His dislike of crowds has turned into full blown agoraphobia. But Eddie has something the he knows people would pay dearly for: Rick Beck's last unreleased song, "Cool Shade." When the tape goes missing, Eddie confronts a startled Maddie, who has found work as the new local late-night D.J. But if Maddie doesn't have the tape, who does? Maddie and Eddie have each been looking for an elusive something all their lives, could they have found the answer in each other?

Splendid Theresa Weir has an uncanny ability to bring unique, troubled and quirky characters vividly to life. Maddie and Eddie's search to fill the emptiness in their souls is both entertaining and marvelous to behold. (Apr., 258 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith