Image of Cooper's Woman


Image of Cooper's Woman

Finch knows the west like the back of her hand, but unfortunately there's nothing fresh or thrilling in her latest tale that she hasn't written before. She gives her loyal fans what they've
come to expect: a good, entertaining romance with likable characters and
a fast-paced plot.

Hired by a mysterious woman, Wyatt Cooper heads to the dusty town of Questa Springs to gather information on Eliot Webster. Alexa Quinn is determined to prove to her father that she's as good an investigator as a man and that Eliot is a thief. She hires Coop as backup but intends to get the evidence herself.

What looks to be a simple job turns into more then either bargained for. This spoiled little rich girl can hold her own, but Coop isn't about to let her win. As they ferret out the truth, they uncover the love of a lifetime. (Harlequin, May, 350 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin