"A Cop and a Feel" is a tasty morsel of a novella that takes place during the course of a few short hours. Easily read in one sitting, it has a wonderfully straightforward plot: boy meets girl and girl knows she wants to spend forever with boy. Although things get a bit more complicated when the heroine uses her psychic powers to go after a murderer that the hero has is in sights, readers will find this story has just the right mix of action and romance to keep them entertained.

Ronna Mitchell is a touch-reader, so with just the brush of her hand she can tell if a person is telling truth or lies. But she finds her job as a human lie detector at Karmic Consultants mindless and boring. Ronna fulfills her need for interesting interactions by moonlighting as a Jamaican palm reader at a local carnival. When officer Matt Holloway ducks into her booth in order to avoid being spotted by a suspect, the last thing he wants is to have his future told — not that he believes in that nonsense anyway. Ronna convinces Matt to sit for a reading and when she touches him, she gets an unexpected surprise. Ronna sees Matt’s future intertwined with hers, and filled with laughter and love. But her prediction is not a foregone conclusion. In order to make it come true, Ronna must first help Matt track down the dangerous suspect he is after and then convince this stubborn cop that their match is meant to be. (SAMHAIN, July 2011, dl. $2.50)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne