Image of Cop a Feel


Image of Cop a Feel

Shoshanna LeHump is once again at the center of the story, using her zany story ideas and foul mouth to "help" her friends find love in the most improbable ways possible. The wacky characters Candy interviews as suspects, and the attendees of SCREW-Con are perfect examples of the strange world of Shoshanna LeHump, with Candy and Luke along for the ride! Readers can't help loving the wacky group of nontraditional friends and lovers because underneath the outrageous behavior is true friendship, open mindedness and acceptance for all types of people. Much like other books in the series, Cop a Feel is fast paced, laugh out loud fun, perfect for a quick weekend read or a lazy afternoon.

Candace became an undercover DEA agent because her sister died of a drug overdose when they were kids. She recently stopped a multimillion dollar drug deal that resulted in a knife wound to the stomach and a light duty assignment. She's set up to guard erotic romance author Shoshanna LeHump when she attends SCREW-Con because she's been receiving threats. When Shoshanna has her beta read a story, Candy realizes she could be reading a chapter from her own life, which makes her realize she wants more than just anonymous sex. For the past year she's been sleeping with a guy she barely knows, sharing nothing more than incredible sex until they decide to stop the secrets and come clean with each other. When they're assigned to work as partners protecting Shoshanna becomes the priority, although that doesn't stop them from wearing hooker outfits, learning to twerk, giving handcuff demonstrations and falling in love. (KENSINGTON, Jun., dl, $5.99)

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Anna Dougherty