Readers will be instantly drawn into this suspenseful story that is balanced by a fun, sexy romance. Marc and Savanna are perfectly matched despite their issues with betrayal and trust from past relationships. They make an immediate connection, which allows them to share experiences and information in a natural way while solving a murder case. Even with the short list of suspects, the culprit comes as a surprise to readers.

A year ago, Savanna lost her mother and her marriage on the same fateful day — and she’s still dealing with the fallout. Her ex-husband is in default on a loan, so the bank repossessed her car as payment — and then she comes home to discover his dead body on her kitchen floor. Her first response is to run across the street for help since her hunky neighbor is a homicide cop. Savanna isn’t used to being a suspect in a murder investigation, but she has Marc on her side, helping to find the true identity of the killer. Marc isn’t fond of damsels in distress, but something about Savanna gets under his skin and he realizes he wants to be more than just her neighbor. (CHRISTIE-CRAIG.COM, dl $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty