The death of her daughter and her failure to catch the killer of three little girls sent Detective Kitt Lundgren over the edge five years ago. Taking refuge in the oblivion provided by alcohol cost Kitt her marriage -- and very nearly her career.

Sober now, and back on the job, Kitt's ready for anything -- except a series of copycat crimes. Partnered with a tough younger officer, Mary Catherine Riggio, Kitt works the case, all the while tortured by her memories and taunted by the murderer. Each day she's more certain that everything is leading back to her -- or to someone close to her.

Part procedural and part psychological puzzle, Spindler's latest is told at an unrelenting pace, and it's one of her finest efforts to date. This book may not be for sensitive readers. Although the deaths aren't described in overly graphic detail, the victims are very young -- and the whole story is disturbing on that level. (Jun., 400 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer