Image of Copycat Killing: A Magical Cats Mystery


Image of Copycat Killing: A Magical Cats Mystery

This charming series continues on a steady course as the intrepid Kathleen has two mysteries to snoop into this time, while continuing to feebly deny that she has any feelings for policeman Marcus Gordon. As always, the delightful Hercules and Owen are on the case, scratching in the right places to help uncover clues. Kelly manages to imbue the cats with as much personality as her human characters, and there is nothing forced about their involvement in the plotting. Readers who are fans of cats and cozies will want to add this series to their must-read lists.

Mayville Heights librarian Kathleen Paulson is feeling the effects of the never-ending rain as much as anyone. She has to fish a not-quite-dead rat out of the art co-op’s flooded basement, and a saturated hillside gives way beneath her feet, leaving her banged up and exposing a skeleton. Then a second rat is found floating in the co-op basement — troublesome mask-maker Jaeger Merrill — and Kathleen, along with sleuthing kitties Hercules and Owen, has another case to tackle. (OBSIDIAN, May, 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter