On the rebound from her latest bad love affair, Nanette spends her days playing her saxophone on New York City street corners.

When Nanettes beloved Aunt Vivian, a wayward woman whos been living in Paris, mysteriously vanishes, Nanettes mother asks her to fly to Paris and find her.

Nanette loves both her aunt and Paris, so off she goes. Although she does not find Vivian, she does find Andre, an expatriate jazz musician from Detroit. The two of them make music in several different and fascinating ways, but they still dont find Vivian.

A chance newspaper story brings hoodlum Gigi LaCroix into their lives, and Gigi brings adventure, danger, and death along with him. Gigi also brings the realization that the truths Nanette holds dear are nothing more than shams; there is no one she can rely on except herself. With the newfound knowledge that life isnt really a jazz song, Nanette finds herself on an escapade she may not survive.

As sexy, smooth, and rhythmic as a fine jazz combo, COQ AU VIN is a gem of a novel which explores a young womans search for self. It is easy to relate to Nanette as she searches for her aunt, and her own identity. Touches of noir highlight the compelling storyline, and music lovers will find the many references to music and musicians an added bonus. (Feb., 200 pp., $22.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg