Image of Coraline


Image of Coraline

Geared towards preteens yet very entertaining to the adult reader, Neil Gaiman's dark fairy tale CORALINE (4) is a quick trip to the "other" side of here. A summer move brings Coraline's family to a huge isolated house. Even if the new neighbors don't remember Coraline's name, they give her hints of the future. Exploring uncovers a locked door hiding a brick wall…or is it a dark hallway to another house? An eerily similar other house populated by an "other" mother and father who look like hers, but who pay attention—maybe too much attention. Childhood angst comes into existence with inventive writing and gothic atmosphere. Mr. Gaiman creates an eerie story where being cleverer than the adults just might save your soul. (Jul., 176 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper