On the day that little Bartholomew Lampion was born, he entered a world filled with both tragedy and hope. On the way to the hospital to give birth, Bartys parents are involved in a horrific accident that kills his father. Thousands of miles away on the same day, a ruthless killer learns that he has a mortal enemy called Bartholomew. This man doesnt know anything more about his enemy other than his name, but sets out on a quest to destroy Bartholomew.

When Barty turns three, he loses his sight from cancer. As Barty grows and demonstrates unusual talents, his mother Agnes realizes that this is no ordinary child.

Also tied to Barty by destiny is a young girl born as the result of a violent rape. Angels existence is also a miracle and her special gifts are yet to be discovered. Meanwhile, the villain still stalks young Barty.

These people and those who love them are being drawn together towards the inevitable collision of good versus evil. The whys and wherefores of their meeting are both startling and profound. This character-driven novel is reminiscent of Koontzs earlier works, such as Strangers. (Dec., 622 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith