Image of Corralled: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel


Image of Corralled: A Blacktop Cowboys Novel

Think it’s impossible to combine extremely erotic and sweet? Not if James is writing. Corralled is titillating to say the least and definitely best read in private. And through all the three-way cowboy sex, the author has written a very sweet and charming romance in which the lucky protagonist experiences real growth and gets to live out her every fantasy.

Lannie Capshaw is a sports therapist who works the two main rodeo circuits. When she meets two different men from different circuits she thinks she can manage to date them both. Alas, two-timing never works and someone always gets caught. However, when Lannie gets caught, the men, Hank and Kyle, decide they want to share her. Forced to take a vacation thanks to some political maneuvering within her company, Lannie agrees to their arrangement. A week of living out her most erotic fantasies doesn’t solve the problem, though. Both men want her and she refuses to choose. When her life is turned upside down, Lannie must face several truths and life-altering decisions, including which man she is meant to be with. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Aug., 288 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton