This first novel by Hunt (historical romance author Shirl Henke writing under a pseudonym) scintillates with suspense and enthralling tales of espionage. Some time in the near future, after drug lords orchestrate a brutal attack on major U.S. law enforcement venues, the government establishes a black op agency that employs agents to assassinate members of drug cartels.

Enter agent Leah Berglund, who's assigned to take down reporter and former FBI agent Elliott Delgado. After she gets a job as Delgado's assistant, however, Leah resists following through on her assignment. Though intelligence indicates that Del is a member of a drug cartel, Leah's instincts tell her that he might be the victim of a frame-up.

After Delgado discovers Leah's true identity, the two join forces to search for a mole in the agency. They come across a sinister plot that could put national security at risk. Hunt's well-researched novel is intricately woven with intrigue and drama. Tensions run high in action-packed sequences. Fans of spy novels will not want to miss this first-rate book. (Apr., 336 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick