CORT MASON—DR. DELECTABLE by Carol Marinelli (3): Ruby Carmichael hates her nursing rotation in Accident and Emergency. Nonetheless, she maintains a positive attitude, not even telling her closest friends just how hard she finds this final unit of her training, as there is nothing they can do to help. She knows that this general training is a prerequisite if she wants her future career as a mental health nurse. Senior Emergency Registrar Cort Mason is attracted to Ruby's positive nature and her determination. When the one night of passion that Ruby initiates turns into many more spent together, she is incredibly surprised. Ruby never thought that a man like Cort might really want to get to know her better. When Cort confesses that he was attracted to her the very first time he saw her, she feels that they may have a future together. But what will happen when Ruby finds out Cort’s wife died just a month ago — will it be the end of this new relationship? Through Carol Marinelli’s engaging storytelling readers get to see how a person can love nursing but hate working in certain specialties. While the story is standard romantic fare woven with the medical drama, the secrets these two are hiding and how they work through their problems make Court Mason—Dr. Delectable different and well worth reading. (HARLEQUIN, Sept. 2011, 192pp., $4.99)

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Nas Dean