Image of Cost of Repairs


Image of Cost of Repairs

Arthur does a lot right with this m/m romance that explores moving on and rediscovering love, with sexual chemistry that burns up the pages. As the story gets going, though, the kitchen-sink approach to plot and motivation, along with less than sparkling language, cause the storytelling to stumble. For the many engaging parts of the book, readers will find Arthur’s novel a pleasant read.

Police officer Samuel Briggs has moved to small-town Pennsylvania for a fresh start and to put the tragic death of his lover behind him. Then he walks into a local restaurant and Rey King, the talented cook, catches his attention. From the beginning, their night of no-strings-attached sex feels like something more. Rey likes the big cop, but his plate is full, working three jobs to pay off a mountain of bills. Things get more complicated when Rey is seriously injured and can’t work. He has to turn to Samuel for a place to stay. As their current lives become more entwined, their painful pasts threaten to pull them apart, until they learn to face each challenge together, becoming more sure of the love they share. (SAMHAIN, May, 272 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison