Image of Cottage by the Sea (Hideaway)


Image of Cottage by the Sea (Hideaway)

One of Gunn’s amazing talents is to describe the setting of her novel in such a way that it almost becomes a character in the tale. Readers will definitely want to visit the Oregon coast! The plot is incredibly relevant and truly shows how honoring one’s parents, even when they don’t seem to deserve it, is an excellent tenet to hold.

Just as Erin and her friend Sharlene are starting their wedding- planning business in Southern California, Erin learns that her father, who lives in Oregon, has had a stroke. She drops everything to visit him and his new wife, Delores — a prickly woman who doesn’t have many positive things to say to Erin. When things settle down, Erin returns home — only to go back to Oregon a few months later when her father suffers another stroke. How can Erin balance all of the demands on her time and still continue with the life she loves? (HOWARD, July, 288 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel