Irresistible attraction makes this short story sizzle. The passion and the unexpected romance between an older woman and a younger man is intense. Despite the story's length, Waters depicts her characters with amazing clarity. Read a few paragraphs and you'll feel as if you know them. This hot read has
a bit of dominance and submission that will spice up a boring lunch hour.

Taylor Davis manages the Hotel Beau Monde, a resort-casino on the Vegas strip. Her position affords her a life of luxury. Approaching 40, she doesn't want or need a relationship. Then her friend Rachel calls asking for a favor. Rachel's nephew just graduated and is moving to Vegas; can Taylor get him a room until his apartment is ready?

Colt Foster is not the pimply high school kid Taylor expects. There's no way she can bed her best friend's nephew, but the delicious dom has other ideas. (, dl $3.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski