Image of Count Toussaint's Baby


Image of Count Toussaint's Baby
COUNT TOUSSAINT'S BABY (4.5) by Kate Hewitt: Piano prodigy Abigail Sommers meets grieving widower Jean-Luc Toussaint after a concert in Paris. The innocent encounter changes her life, and Abby quickly retires from performing to pursue her dreams. Despite her best efforts, Luc tracks her down and their next encounter is anything but innocent. When Abby becomes pregnant, she wonders if Luc’s distant but protective demeanor is masking emotional pain or a guilty secret. Hewitt has penned an emotionally gripping tale with a perfectly flawed hero and a determined heroine. Readers will particularly love the happy ending in this strong tale about the dangers of hiding from the past.
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes