Jo Ann Ferguson entertains us with a fresh and diverting Regency love story.

It is with great reluctance that Captain Creighton Marshall, Lord Ashcroft, agrees to host one of Tsar Nicholas' officers in the wake of the victory that sends Napoleon to Elba. But Russian war hero Count Dmitrieff is not at all what he expects, for beneath the gilt facade lies the heart of a woman!

For years Natalya Dmitrieff has carried off an incredible masquerade, posing as her missing brother to prevent the loss of their family estate. In his place she has fought her way across the vast steppes of Russia to seek vengeance for the deaths of her family.

But no enemy she has faced is more dangerous to her than the gallant English captain, for now her heart is at risk. Can she survive the drawing rooms of London, or will she succumb to the lure of love?

Although the overuse of slang will try the patience of the most devoted of Regency fans, the piquant, albeit less than credible, plot will keep you turning the pages at a rapid rate. (May, 288 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer