Hunter is a gifted writer whose careful, engaging sense of plot and character allows her to build sexual tension and suspense. Add to this creative storytelling and graceful prose, and readers have a sexy thrill ride of a spy novel — an ideal installment in her Fairbourne Quartet and an unforgettable read.

Like many French émigrés, Marielle Lyon is suspected of spying, and she is glad for the extra interest — it protects her from the man trying to kill her. Alban Norwood, Viscount Kendale, has left the army and joined an elite group of spies working to protect England. He’s been keeping Marielle under surveillance, and one night he rescues her from attackers. Bringing Marielle into his home is a necessity; falling under her spell is not. When she evades him, Kendale goes after her time and again — until the sexual tension between them builds to explosive levels. Kendale starts to uncover Marielle’s secrets and instead of a hunter he finds the hunted. More determined than ever to keep Marielle safe, Kendale earns her trust --- but that only leads them into graver danger. (JOVE, Oct., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin