Originally published in 1978 as The Autumn Countess, Catherine Coulter has extensively rewritten her story from a first person perspective and making it more of a Gothic thriller.

Prepared to marry Lawrence Lyndhurst, a man old enough to be her grandfather, Andrea (Andy) Jameson steers clear of young men. So when her dog, George, takes a particular liking to a handsome stranger while walking in the park, Andy is surprised.

She is even more shocked to learn that young man is her new husbands nephew, John, and will reside with them on their estate along with Johns brother Thomas and Thomas wife.

Shortly after Andys arrival strange things begin to happen, causing everyone to believe the house is haunted. At first Andy believes it is a ghost who wants her gone, but then her suspicions turn to the living and she goes to John for help. Andy has no idea that she is falling in love with John, who has vowed to protect her. A letter from her father warning Andy of danger sets the action in motion as the true villain sets out to destroy her.

Ms. Coulter keeps the mystery and the suspicions running high as she takes readers on a twisting trail where they suspect many characters as the killer. The ending is truly a great Gothic climax and readers who recall the good old days of gothics will love that chill up their spin feeling as they unmask the villain. Wonderful characters and darling George enhance the mystery and this readers delight. SWEET (Nov., 391 pp., $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager